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Mr. Basile Lemba

Born in Cameroon in Western Africa, Basile moved to France at the age of 14.  Upon finishing his high school studies, he attended the world famous Académie des Beaux-Arts where he studied Architecture.

For the next two years, while working for a architecture design studio, he began working part-time at a non-profit organization, where he was then offered a Senior Executive position at its headquarters in Florida, where he stayed for the next ten years.  During his tenure there, he began to develop his skills in Marketing, Public Relations, Sales & Promotions, and Procurement & Delivery. He then moved to Northern Virginia to take on a new challenge: to start his own business ventures!

While attending most of the area business network meetings, he discovered a void.  He discovered that many of the businesses attending these events had a lacked the specific know-how to properly connect with one another.  He then made it his business to research, put together, and test this missing recipe, and discovered a workable result. With that achieved, he now offer his knowledge to small businesses to help easily achieve their financial goals, and discovered lots of small businesses could benefit from his extensive experience in networking, marketing, and public relations.

In addition to being an ORGANO Global Markets Distributor, Basile founded the Fairfax Breakfast Club.  For the past ten years, Basile has been helping small businesses grow in Northern Virginia, sharing his proven, workable, and successful techniques, providing area business owners the opportunity to achieve their own financial success.