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Peggy Kimmey superbly MCed the event, starting with writing down the challenges guests have with N/Wing. (All were covered!)

Amy Brener, Toastmasters & Trainer, delivered a seminar on "How to do a proper 'Elevator Speech'".

Coach Marvin Powell came next to cover "How to get the right Leads".

Host & Trainer Basile Lemba doing a demo of a "Cardinal Rule of Networking".

Amy here timing a guest doing an exercise.

Two attendees practicing "How to get the 'GO TIME'".

Two attendees practicing "Interested vs. Interesting".

Two attendees practicing "How to Use/Handle business cards".

An attendee practicing her elevator speech.

Tom Fish/GO BEYOND LLC, Sponsor of the Event got to tell us about his business.

Make no mistake, there was a lots of fun and laughter the entire day!

At the end, all the attendees got awarded a certificate of Completion!