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(Where Networking gets Clarified & Simplified for one and all, i.e. from the novices  to the seasoned ones)

If you have any slight interest in Networking or, better yet if you are interested in improving in Networking, then this class is for YOU!

Sometime back a survey on Business Development was done. A tabulation of one of the sections revealed the following:

Question: "What did you do before you first drove a car ?"


1) I went through a driving school

2) Someone taught me how to and

3) I did both.

Question: "What did you do before you first started Networking?"


1) I just walked in the room

2) I was just pushed in the room

This survey is HOW and WHY we started OFFERING Networking classes. And that class addresses the challenges people said they have with networking in that same survey, namely:

a) The do's and Dont's of Networking

b) How to Prospect Successfully and get new clients

c) How to build sound and lasting relationships

d) How to create time to Network

d) How to do effective follow-up and

e) Much more

Here are some random testimonials  from this class:

"I learned today the correct and I would add wonderful mindset for networking 'Art of Networking' that everyone should know. Thanks!"

-S.K. Architect

"This was a great opportunity to understand the concepts of Networking and the techniques behind successful networking. This is a life changing class. Thanks!"


"I flew in [from Detroit] and now I'm here. The class was very educated and great knowledge was shared. This was well worth the money I spent on myself to improve on what I think is very important to any Entrepreneur. Thank you and I will be back!"

-T. G. Entrepreneur

"Great Class! Not just for beginners but for seasoned professionals who want to make their networking more effective. I would HIGHLY recommend this class!" 

- C. B. CPA

Future Networking Class Dates:

  • September 16th, 2017
  • December 2nd, 2017


Time: 10 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Clubhouse 10734 West Dr  Fairfax VA 22030

Parking: Pls park right on the Street as the parking lot is reserved

Attendance is VERY LIMITED so proper care and attention is given to the students.