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The main objective of the Fairfax Breakfast Club is to help attendees promote and grow their businesses.

By attending our Breakfast Club events, you will have the opportunity to improve your networking skills and build relationships with potential clients and strategic business partners so as to achieve your financial goals!

Our Story

The story of the Fairfax Breakfast Club is a rather simple one.

A man arrives in Northern Virginia and visits most of the area networking functions. He
finds all of them good but also realize that they could be more guests/attendees focused
i.e. designed with the guest in mind and in that way the guest will get more business.

So he develops a concept whereby the total focus is in the guests, from the beginning
to the end, extending this to a rather easy follow-up system amongst the guests. Taking
this upon himself, he starts a monthly Networking Breakfast Club that does just that and
supports it personally.

Nearly nine years later, the Fairfax Breakfast Club’s keeps growing in popularity with the
business owners and professionals. This is now the place where they go to enhance their
networking skills, promote their businesses, build relationships, do business so as to grow
their businesses and achieve prosperity!

What make the Fairfax Breakfast Club different from anything you have seen thus far?

§  Out of the 90 minutes of our event, you will have 85 minutes of pure NETWORKING! There is no time consumed with speaker(s).  Attendees do a quick introduction, allowing you to have high quality one-on-one time with other attendees.

§  Our event location is dedicated to our meeting during our allotted time.  Nothing else takes place in the building while we are there.  Many other networking groups take place in restaurants and other places of business.  No outside distractions nor interruptions.

§  Our events are well attended, which should easily allow you to gain new business opportunities from them.  In many cases, the relationships you build with other attendees can turn into true friendships.

§  At one of our previous events, representatives from Fairfax County and Westfields Marriott were able to sign a contract together worth over $30,000!  At another event, one attendee commented that in the year she has been coming to our events, she’s made over $200,000 in sales!  Over the past seven years, literally hundreds of thousands of dollars have been transacted through our events.

§  At each session 50% to 80% of the attendees are “first-timers.”  Each time you come, you’ll always have new opportunties to network.

§  The entire list of all attendees who pre-purchase tickets to our event is e-mailed to you with company and contact information . You never have to worry about losing a business card from another attendee.

§  A delicious continental breakfast is provided to help you start your day.

§ Twice a year (May & November), we hold a semi-annual celebrations.  Small business owners have an opportunity to rent a booth to feature and/or sell their companies. These events host between 80 and 110 booths.

§  Some of the proceeds from our events go to support many local charities and non-profit foundations, such as Shelter HouseFACETSOur Daily Bread, and the Main Street Child Development Center, and many more that help many area families that are in need.  Attendees are encouraged, but not obligated, to give what they can to help these wonderful causes.

Let the Fairfax Breakfast Club be your tool to achieve your goals toward success!