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Terry L. Clower is Northern Virginia Chair and Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University.  He is also director of GMU’s Center for Regional Analysis. The Center provides economic and public policy research services to sponsors in the private, non-profit and public sectors. Prior to joining GMU, he was director for the Center for Economic Development and Research at the University of North Texas. Dr. Clower also spent 10 years employed in private industry in logistics and transportation management positions.

Dr. Clower has authored or co-authored over 170 articles, book chapters, and research reports reflecting experience in economic and community development, economic and fiscal impact analysis, housing, transportation, land use planning, and economic forecasting. His scholarly articles have appeared in Economic Development Quarterly; Urban Studies; Economic Development Review; Regional Studies, Regional Science; the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies; Regional Studies Regional Science, Sustaining Regions; and Applied Research in Economic Development. He previously served as regional (Americas) editor for the journal Regional Science Policy and Practice

Dr. Clower received a B.S. in Marine Transportation from Texas A&M University in 1982, a M.S. in Applied Economics from the University of North Texas in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Information Sciences from the University of North Texas in 1997 specializing in information policy issues and the use of information resources.

Contact:   Center for Regional Analysis

Schar School of Policy and Government

George Mason University

3351 Fairfax Dr, MS 3B1

Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: 703-993-8419




Mary Alex currently works in marketing at Microsoft as a Community Development Specialist & Brand Ambassador. She builds relationships to ultimately drive revenue, with all different types of SMBs in addition to nonprofits, associations, and schools. She is a guru when it comes to LinkedIn trainings and getting the most from your profile. In addition to working for Microsoft, she also works in philanthropy for the Dave Matthews Band’s Foundation, where she helps the band members to invest their assets in nonprofits. Her professional profile can be found at:   

Kim Foley

Kim Foley’s passion is to inform, entertain and inspire! She has developed training programs for corporations, associations and nonprofits. Her seminars Include: Join The Video Revolution, The Power of Image and The Credibility Factor. Her seminar clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon Moblil, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Rockwell International, and American Express. Her program, “Credibility in the Courtroom” for litigation attorneys has been presented for the National Association of Criminals Defense Lawyers.

Smartphone Video Training
Montgomery Community Media sponsors her smartphone video workshop (Join The Video Revolution) for small businesses and entrepreneurs five times a year.This three hour, hands - on taring teaches you how to produce and edit professional quality video all on a smartphone.

Media Training
Whether you are doing live presentations or appearing on camera, your image is one of your most valuable assets. On-camera Media Training is a overconfidence that will provide your executives or your team with the essential skills and techniques they need to comfortably and effectively engage with the media, or to participate in video presentations or webinars.

Training is customized to meet the unique challenges and needs of each individual and includes:

1.On-camera Presentation Skills
• Get on-camera practice and feedback
• Learn the techniques of reading a teleprompter
• Learn the best way to open and close your video
• Get input on using voice inflection and pauses
• Learn techniques to deal with nervousness or fear
• Practice subtle cues that help you be seen as the expert
• Avoid body language blunders• Get comfortable with lighting and microphones
• Learn the best techniques for sitting or standing
• Learn where you should be looking

2.Wardrobe and Makeup consultation
• Individual advice on hairstyle, grooming and makeup
• Assessment of current clothing choices
• Advice on accessories and glasses
• Suggestions for clothing styles and color for on-camera presentations
This media training program will help you understand how you are visually perceived when presenting in live presentations or on-camera. By recognizing and understanding the symbols of authority, the language of clothing and the powerful nuances involved in non-verbal communications, participants will gain enhanced confidence and increase their credibility when making presentations.Video playback is used to help participant see results.

By learning the specifics of how wardrobe, accessories, and grooming can affect the way they are perceived, participants will learn how to maximize their credibility and avoid undermining their credentials and experience.

Television Stylist
When public figures need to look their best, they turn to Kim Foley. For more than25 years, as a professional TV stylist and makeup artist for film and television,Ms. Foley has worked with hundreds of high-profile clients, including Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Jay Leno, Brian Williams, Stephen Colbert—and the list goes on. She has worked for Meet the Press and 60Minutes as well as productions for ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, MTV, Lifetime, The Discovery Channel, and several feature films. She has worked on hundreds of commercials, teleconferences, and press conferences, and government films for agencies such as FBI, CIA, IRS, NIH and FDA.

Volunteer Work

For more than a decade, Ms. Foley has consulted with the Children’s National Medical Center on the psychological impact of disfigurement. Her use of aesthetic makeup for rehabilitation has set new standards in helping children adjust to living with permanent disfigurement. For this work, she was cited in the book “Mega-Trends for Women” and featured in “Family Circle” magazine, and
was presented with the “Women Who Make a Difference” award.

Kim Foley’s Book, “The Credibility Factor: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Creating a more Powerful Image,” is available on Amazon, Kindle, iPad and Nook. Her podcast, “Secrets of Style,” has fashion and beauty tips and is available on iTunes. Her DVD series, 10 Pounds Thinner, 10 Years Younger is available on

Basile Lemba

Basile has been helping people and businesses now for over 2 decades.

When he arrived on Northern VA, he felt that business event could be more “customer centered”. He then set out to created such events and that is how the “BL Ultimate Fairfax Networking Breakfast  Events” and the “BL Ultimate NOVA business EXPO” were born.

To further assist the business Community (an anyone else for that matter), he has a book coming out soon: “The Secrets to Successful Networking”. He did not wait for the book to come out and started rigt away offering classes and putting on Networking Conferences so as to share this hard-won KNOW-HOW.

The overall goal is to create agreeable and comfortable quality spaces where business owners and other professionals can come, learn, practice and:


B) BUILD quality relationships and

C) PROMOTE and GROW their businesses.

For years now our events at these events, job opportunities identified and countless deals and contracts inked (some of them during and right after the sessions). 

The organization stands ready to help you achieve UNLIMITED success!

Basile Lemba

Event Host, Trainer, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Call 703-359-5642 for a free Consultation

We offer 3 types of  events during the year:

1.  The monthly networking breakfasts.

2. Our bi-annual Business Expos (in Mid and End of the year)

3. Networking Books, Articles, Classes, Seminars & Conferences:

Peggy Kimmer

Peggy Kimmey will serve as our Master of Ceremonies, drawing on her 10 years’ experience networking as a small business owner and almost 20 years’ experience as an Advanced Toastmaster.  Currently she serves her community by working as the Membership Engagement Specialist for the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, saying her job is to “help the Prince William business people make the most of their membership.” 

Kimmey is looking forward to her duties as M.C. for this event because, “Having experienced speakers sharing what they know about topics that are important to the attendees is the focus. It makes my role fun.”