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Sponsorship has its privileges!

Fairfax Breakfast Club Networking offers the opportunity for your business to truly stand out and be recognized through our different sponsorship levels.

Single Ticket Entry:  $30.00

Beginning December 5th 2014, the monthly breakfast contribution will be 30.00 (pre-registration), $35.00 at the door.


Monthly Breakfast Club Host:  $300.00 

The Breakfast Host will have his picture and references sent out to over 8000 local business owners and professionals at least 3 times before the Event, along with the host logo, helping make the Sponsor an "officehold" name. The Host will provide bio data to the planner so the planner can do a superb job in introducing the host and presenting him/her in a very marketable and best possible light to meet the acceptance of the entire audience. The Sponsor will the do their 5-10 minute presentation at the Breakfast Club. Survey Feedback will be provided to him/her to follow-up and drum up business.


Patron:  $225.00 

Patron status consists of 12 consecutive months of attendance. If the Patron cannot attend a meeting a representative may attend instead. Patrons and above get special recognitions at ALL events. Patrons also get headshot and reference posted on the Breakfast Club website. They get listed on the Breakfast Club website as well as on the weekly newsletter.

In addition they are also invited to our quarterly "Elite Appreciation Reception" where they get to know, bond and do business with other Patrons and above.


Benefactor:  $375.00 

In addition to the Patron benefits, Benefactors will have their name and their company name listed under the Breakfast Benefactor section in ALL invites going out during the 12 consecutive months. This status is created for those who want to take further responsibility for the well-being of our business community. Benefactors get ALL of the Patron benefits and are entitled to a special introduction at one of our breakfasts! Benefactors also take precedence over on Expo booth and Breakfast Club Sponsorship assignment.Your company logo goes out with ALL the attendees lists.

In addition the benefactor gets 10% on all the offerings of the organization including the Expos offerings.


Ambassador:  $1950.00 

Ambassadors, our highest sponsorship level, receive all of the benefits of Patrons and Benefactors, as well as:

  • All Breakfast Club invites and attendees lists will carry the logo of Ambassadors. (This amounts to over 50 communications a year!
  • The Ambassador is entitled to a booth at one of our major events.
  • The Ambassador name and company will be displayed clearly at each and every event we host.
  • The Ambassador is entitled to a 5 to 10 minutes presentation at one of our regular monthly events.
  • The Ambassador is entitled to all the privileges and benefits of Patrons and Benefactors and this includes complimentary attendance at 12 consecutive Breakfast Club events.



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