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“It gives me great pleasure to tell you how much I enjoyed the Valentine’s Day Breakfast Network Luncheon.  It left me with an indelible impression, and I find myself reminiscing those moments in time.  I truly enjoyed all the beauty, the melodious music, the aroma of the food in the air, and last but not at all least…..the impeccable organization and professional planning that you put into making that event a “top-notch” success!

The event was moving,  your story was compelling, and the lessons shared were very well received.  I think you are a master-mind when it comes to engaging others and giving others the main ingredients to succeed in business.   Wow!  I’ve attended several of these networking events in the past couple of months, BUT……B.L. Networking Club is the BEST!!!

I left the networking event so charged, energized, excited, and overflowing with great expectations.  Your presentation was so incredibly thought-provoking and soul-stirring.  You took the time to share so much information in the 90 minutes to help others to thrive and succeed.  There should be no failure with Basile Lemba……it’s so obvious that you care about other people.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the doors.  In my mind, I thought it was going to be like most of the other typical networking events.  How wrong was my thinking?!
There were so many special touches that you incorporated in the event especially with setting up the chairs in the room to give new-comers the opportunity to speak on a one-on-one with repeat attendees.  You got everyone involved with each other.  That was a very creative and constructive “outside the box” idea.

So, Basile, many thanks to you for your profound and concerted efforts in hosting this event.  It certainly was a fantastic way to start off the year of 2013…..Simply A Touch of Class!!!!

I could go on and on….but I must get back to work.  Enjoy this day and have a beautiful weekend!”
Barbara Carter
iKare Corporation

“Yes I got a client from this networking organization who ordered all of her logo branding, logo design printing,pens, table cloth for an event, business cards, brochures and more to help her sell herself.

Thank you very much!”

“Great time. Great People. Will return many times.”

“Met new people and got new marketing connections for my agents.”

“This is a great way of meeting people”

“Great Event! This was my first time. I found it much better than I expected. Thank you and I will definitely get the word out to others”

“I shared with my manager the awesome experience I encounter this morning with the Fairfax Breakfast Club, and yes she is very interested in getting a table at the event on Dec 7th. I will follow up with you.”

Also I did receive your message, I was at a luncheon, I will call you tomorrow. Again thank you for the networking event this morning I truly enjoyed myself and the people. It was 5 Star!!!!!!

“A bloody good show!  Thoroughly enjoyed it. Met some really great people.  Signed up 4 new clients & still working on follow up!  Thank you!”

“Just wanted to thank you for the Networking Breakfast Expo that you hosted on May 20th. The show turned out to be a great event for us. With several appointments made for our service as well as several professional partnerships with other companies established it turned out to be a good day.”

“Thank you for inviting and having me at the Breakfast Networking Club. I enjoyed meeting the people as well as experiencing the unique structure.”

“I have attended many different networking events and I have decided to put my money and beans in this one!”

“I like the fact that the breakfast provides or places you in the type of environment that encourages you to talk for a few minutes to a number of different people.”

“I met a fellow at the last breakfast; he called me in the afternoon and asked me to do a basement in DC.”

“Here I have gotten the highest rate of follow-up. Cool door prizes! Nicest people”

“After the last meeting I got nine (9) appointments scheduled in my office, and I’m a banker!”

“Great event! Lots of fun!”

“Good contacts with B2B entities.”

“Please advice to bring more business cards.”

“Lots of many different industries, many of which are sizable businesses.”

“I met a lot of nice people in a variety of different careers. Very interesting time!”

“I have displayed at 2 events, the anniversary and the Xmas event. It was a terrific opportunity to get exposure for my business.”

“A woman I met here at the last meeting referred me to a person wanting to sell her business.”

“The first visit to this Breakfast Club resulted in a sale with a business owner.”

“Great events! Met great people! Have brought on two new clients through this Breakfast Club.”

“I got 2 new clients for travel. Frank Gresham helped me with my headaches.”

“I met Carli (with ADP) here and signed a contract to use her services.”

“I have met several realtors here and this has resulted in over $30.000 worth in business.”

“Of all the events I have ever been to, this one is by far the best! I have actually paid up to $70.00 in some cases to attend other events and this one is a much better event with really good networking activities and definitely more valuable than the others! Thank you very much!”