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Join us on Cox Channel 10

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on Fairfax Public Access

The TV show was created to solve mainly 3 issues:

1.    There are some people who have trouble making it at our event. Take example a mom who has to get her kids on the bus every morning. Well she would trouble making it at our events. But we wanted to reach her and help her with her business.

2.    Over the years we have gathered and still gather valuable information we want to share with the business community as a whole. We just couldn’t do it at the Breakfast events or at the expos. The solution then became a TV show as this will allow us to reach pretty much one and all. We are going further. We are archiving these shows and indexing them so they remain easily available to you.

3.    This is actual fact this is part of the Breakfast Club “DNA” See the Breakfast Club Chart here.

Our goal is to PROVIDE you with the correct knowledge (Good part of it through our show). You then come to our events and APPLY it. You will GET the business you need, and MAKE the income you need, become SOLVENT and achieve your GOALS!